Dating exgirlfriends friend

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had recently risen to the peak of its popularity, taking with it all my expectations for romantic love. When a mutual friend of ours mentioned that Jacob was seeing someone, I pretended to be very happy for him and not at all self-conscious about the amount of time I spent on the couch with my roommates watching .

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I had, of course, imagined all sorts of scenarios where I would casually run into Karen and Jacob. " I would be dressed in a way that implied I looked good without trying. I wouldn't have much time to talk, of course, but I'd leave them both with the impression that I definitely had my life together and that I was very cool.

I would, in these fantasies, be on my way to somewhere cool. All I had to do was live out the bizarre fantasies I'd already constructed in my head.

A secret show by a band they hadn't heard of, or a party on a rooftop in a neighborhood they'd never go to. " I'd ask Jacob, hugging him nonchalantly like a long-lost friend. I just had to wake up, put together a decent outfit, be funny and charming, and knock both of their socks off.

Karen looked just like I thought she would look: clear-skinned and WASPy.

She was definitely not hungover and had definitely showered in the past 48 hours.

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