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Her attitude to contact is not entirely appropriate and is incompatible with her responsibility to encourage the establishment and maintenance of a meaningful relationship between the father and the child.I am willing at this stage to take her at her word that she will accept my findings on the sexual abuse question and comply with final orders even if she did not do so in respect of those made at interim proceedings.At 20 sites in marshes, the researchers found layers of white sand about 4 inches thick alternating with layers of black peaty soil.

On that occasion both parties were represented by Counsel and orders were made for the child to live with the mother and to spend unsupervised time with the father initially during the day at a contact centre, but extending later to alternate weekends and then school holidays. The mother alleges that after the first time the child spent with the father on 22 October 2005, the child made disclosures of inappropriate behaviour on the part of the father, and that he continued to make such disclosures following other times with the father.

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[2012] Fam CAFC 189 Coversheet and Orders Page 1 FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA LINDSAY & BAKER [2012] Fam CAFC 189 FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – CHILDREN – where the trial judge was found not to have erred in refusing to accept the evidence of one expert as to whether the child was at risk of abuse when living with the father, when a number of other experts were of the opinion that the child was not at risk of abuse from the father – where the trial judge was found not to have erred in ordering that the mother’s time with the child to be supervised on an indefinite basis – appeal dismissed.

Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) Champness & Hanson (2009) FLC 93-407 Rice & Asplund (1979) FLC 90-725 APPELLANT: Ms Lindsay RESPONDENT: Mr Baker INDEPENDENT CHILDREN’S LAWYER: Damien Carter FILE NUMBER: BRF 11130 of 2003 APPEAL NUMBER: NA 135 of 2010 PLACE DELIVERED: Canberra PLACE HEARD: Brisbane JUDGMENT OF: Bryant CJ, Finn and Strickland JJ HEARING DATE: 4 November 2011 LOWER COURT JURISDICTION: Family Court of Australia LOWER COURT ORDERS DATE: & 1 December 2010 LOWER COURT MNC: [2010] Fam CA 421 DATE DELIVERED: 15 November 2012 [2012] Fam CAFC 189 Coversheet and Orders Page 2 REPRESENTATION APPELLANT: In person RESPONDENT: In person COUNSEL FOR THE INDEPENDENT CHILDREN’S LAWYER: Ms Frizelle SOLICITOR FOR THE INDEPENDENT CHILDREN’S LAWYER: Carter Farquar [2012] Fam CAFC 189 Coversheet and Orders Page 3 ORDERS (1) The appeal against the orders of the Honourable Justice Bell made on and on 1 December 2011 be dismissed.

(2) There be no order for costs in relation to the appeal.

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