Dating blowing off

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The next I’m too much for them and they feel that I “deserve better” than them. I like who I am but this pattern makes me feel bad.I try not to take rejection personally but I have feelings.Women must have horribly low standards these days because guys are always shocked when I want them to give me respectful treatment.Yes, if you want the pleasure of my company, I expect you to plan a date.I avoid all the douchebags by refusing to let go of my standards but I’m getting rejected by so many men that it’s starting to screw with my head.I demand common courtesy, therefore I’m considered a pain in the ass.Relationships are hard, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell if the relationship you're in is toxic or not.If you're in a toxic relationship, there's a chance you're struggling to see your significant other clearly.

I thought, okay, I’ll go on dates and see if there’s any chemistry.I seriously can’t find a guy who will follow through long enough to even ask me out. I had no idea that Tinder would come about and swiftly create the demise of good old-fashioned romance. I want nothing more than to destroy all dating apps and the awful way they’ve ruined actual interactions.There are so many available options that guys don’t try at all.It’s like they’re sitting there with a huge menu in front of them and it’s so overwhelming that they can’t decide what to eat. Because I have needs and feelings and I’m not some accommodating robot, I’m too much trouble to bother with.If they try me out and I’m not immediately to their liking, they move on easily. Of course they blow me off—they barely even think of me as a human being. There are so many options online that they can easily find some girl who doesn’t require anything of them.

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