Dating an ocpd

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Since people may not be as familiar with OCPD as other conditions, it is necessary to recognize the symptoms and signs of the condition to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Someone with OCPD focuses intensely on orderliness and control.

More generally, they tend to be very stubborn and unwilling to accommodate others' preferences.

If you (like me) are thinking "that sounds like me!

Treatments for OCPD are the usual: therapy, and sometimes, medication.

People may follow certain rules in order to get things done, but people with OCPD have rules they follow even when it makes no sense, says Thomas.

They may start to feel restricted by their own self-imposed rules, but they can't get out.

The good news is, the prognosis is better than most personality disorders, so the chances of improvement after getting treatment are high.

Because it is not well-known, many people do not realize they or their loved one has the disorder.

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