Dating advice for ugly guys

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But hey, you want hard truths, I’ll give ’em to you.

And here’s a hard truth for you: most of the issues you’re complaining about aren’t things something that are happening to you.

So everything is a crisis, the world is always ending and you’ve got more overwrought drama than three seasons of goddamn easy to declare that it’s the sexual apocalypse and you’re doomed to die a virgin despite being 18. Your biggest problem isn’t your looks, it’s your know.

I was absolutely, hands down, knew-it-in-my-bones sure that I was going to be able to drink before I ever had sex. In fact, the way that you’re talking makes me suspect that you’ve been spending time on incel boards.

I know it because I tried getting new skills and stuff but it’s pointless because no matter how hard I try, I’m useless at everything.

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We live in a world where male beauty was valued but hardly a priority and where men are discouraged from validating one another about how they look.

I got only a couple of matches from average-ugly girls.

The problem is that I’m an useless ugly piece of shit with standards. I don’t care the least about a girl’s personality unless she looks as good as a Korean model.

Or would you immediately assume that she’s setting you up for an especially cruel joke?

So no, most women aren’t going to tell you that you’re hot.

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