Dating a serial monogamist movie buff dating site

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To be clear: It’s not OK to be with someone just because you don’t want to be alone.

Between my three serious relationships, I have long swaths of time—many months, if not years—where I’m single.

Yes, I love being in a relationship, and in all honesty, I prefer that “taken” status to being single.

Men who are serial monogamists will never have to deal with such an issue.

3) Serial monogamy is very conducive to men who are not a totally erotically uninhibited “free spirit” type, as well as men who generally want to prevent and avoid developing any sort of ‘controversial’ or ‘unconventional’ reputation among their family, close friends, and other friends and acquaintances within their designated social circle : Some men, for better or for worse, just do not have the courage or strength of character to deal with having a long-term reputation as a ‘player’ or ‘womanizer,’ or having to explain to their more prudish and status quo friends and family members as to why they are involved in an ‘open relationship’ with two or more steady female lovers.

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