Dating a quadriplegic girl

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It's actually very openly discussed in the community.""Sure not every moment is perfect. I mean don't most husbands want a wife up for anything? ""No, the orgasms are not better, but there are parts of my body that have increased in sensitivity like my neck.

Even though I can't "get there" like I used to, all the hot heavy feelings and emotions leading up to that are still there. There is a nerve called the vagus nerve that is associated with sexual pleasure and this nerve completely bypasses the spinal cord.

Society tends to view disabled people as limp, asexual beings who are devoid of any sexual desire or need for intimacy.

We shove any possibility of them having sexual urges under the carpet, or erase it from our consciousness altogether.

People with disabilities should be included, rather marginalized, in our consciousness surrounding who we can perceive as sexy and beautiful.

Here is what she wants you to know about her sex life as a quadriplegic woman:"As a female, it doesn't require movement to be penetrated so there's no barrier to having intercourse.

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” she asks, “Believe in defining your life by the positive moments and not the negative.”I sat down with her to talk about an issue that many people wonder about, but are too afraid to discuss due to misconceptions: her sex life.

There are very few moments that can happen in your life that will change everything forever.

In a split second your relationships change, your job, your finances, your home, your clothes, your independence.

I'm able to hold my legs back from behind the knee since I don't have the ability to utilize my leg muscles to maintain a position.""People think that we can't have sex and I think many people think we can't be sexy. We were a very sexual couple and this injury did add a barrier that we needed to overcome.

But based on what I hear, our sexual connection is seemingly more intense than many people I know.

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