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I'm cool with either type of equipment downstairs, it's just that the male body otherwise does nothing for me sexually.But (and I know this probably sounds horrible to many trans people and it makes me feel like kind of an asshole to say it) the social implications kind of scare me.I'm obese and have terrible problems with acne, and have had a total of one girlfriend my entire life(even though I'm 30).There's a saying my mother is quite fond of, there's never an old shoe you can't find an old sock to fit. I'd be interested in getting to know you better.On the other hand, I fear waiting too long could cause terrible trauma to a guy. EDIT 1 - Even if you wouldn't date a transwoman as some of you said, what would be the best way to break it to you if you tried to "pick one up by accident?" (its happened to me so looking for tips)EDIT 2 - I am very please with everyone's Honesty. I want to date men but I fear hurting their feelings by coming out to them and hence find my weekends being "forever alone".I since have had men want to date me till I dutifully outed myself to them.Then they book it for the hills looking for a cold shower somewhere.

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It also probably depends on the size of the city you're in. Regrettably, I'm probably not the most common sort.A consideration that may be helpful: How about seeking out bisexual men? Men who are bi, I would think, would be more flexible about gender and more willing to see you for who you truly are.There is a subreddit for people who are bi: You aren't as alone as you may feel. There are a myriad reasons for one to consider a potential partner unsuitable, being transgendered is no different.I think some transgirls would be all "why u hide me U son-of-a..." where as I think this would be acceptable to hide it from family at first. Your family is just where we have dinner once in a while.Just like you, the family needs "the right time to be told." And for me, I can live as being accepted as just a woman to them, they'd never know unless they were told. I grew up conservative as well and hearing homophobia/ transphobia all the time.

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