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In WPF, you typically use data binding to establish a connection between the properties of two objects.

I am new to developing in so my question may be very elementary with I need some assistance, so here goes: I am using 2003. I am using an ODBC data adapter connecting to an Access database file. Ds Some Info1, "tbl Some Info") There is only one record in the table and that record is displayed when i run the project. Close() After this code runs (and I have validated that is is running) the changes to the data in the table has not changed. Probably you are multiposting this, at crossposting everybody can see if there are given answers. Because I don't know what the other answers are, would I in your case first change the ODBC to Ole DB. I appologize for cross posting but I really would like to get some assistance with this.

This article explains how to create and use a text box and also explains some important text box properties.

A bound text box displays data from a field in a table or query.

In the following example, the Person class is declared in the Binding Sample namespace. This means that your target object must be a Dependency Object.

Fortunately, most UIElement properties are dependency properties and most dependency properties, except read-only ones, support data binding by default.

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