Da pam 600 75 accommodating religious practices

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for which he received the Medal of Honor and offered this conclusion of how the leadership worked with CPL York: From a simply disciplinary perspective, Captain Danforth and Major Buxton could easily have ordered Private York to do his duty under threat of courts martial, or they might even have assigned him a duty away from the fighting.Instead, these two leaders appropriately addressed the Soldiers ethical concerns.However much nations and individuals may and should stand committed to the prevention and suppression of war whenever and wherever possible, in a sinful world sooner or later situations will arise in which one nation resorts to aggression and attack upon another.And when in such a situation honest efforts to come to a just and peaceful adjustment of differences with the aggressor have failed, the moral rightif not dutyof the assaulted nation to defend itself against the aggressor is beyond dispute.Though this correspondence comes during the time of a controversial war, the CRC has been firmly in line with the Just War theory tradition and supports the duty of government to protect its citizens and calls upon its church members to obey the government and serve in its armed forces.The Act of Synod articulated first the Christian duty to promote mutual understanding and peace wherever possible between individuals as well as groups and nations for both citizens and governments.

If one struggles with determining whether or not the occasion is just in waging war, the Act acknowledges this ethical struggle: with the frequent complexity of the causes of modern wars and the difficulty of the average citizen to be adequately informed on this complexity of causes at the time the war breaks out, Therefore, in times of uncertainty, the obligation of the service member is to obey the government because a state in which the citizen only obeys the government when it pleases him is no state and that government is no government.

Therefore, pacifism is fundamentally to be condemned because it is in irreconcilable conflict with the teaching of Scripture and of our Creed or the duty of the government in the matter of war and the corresponding duty of the Christian citizen.

Synod further notes that Soldiers refusing to bear arms at the call of his government not only is disloyal to his country, but in so doing fails to discharge his solemn God-given duty to obey his government and to defend his country.

Buxton, a leadership challenge; what DA PAM 600-75 Accommodating Religious Practices describes when conflicts can arise between mission accomplishment and a soldier's religious practices.

FM 6-22 Army Leadership describes how MAJ Buxton handled the troubled conscience of PVT York. Danforth, that he would bear arms against the enemybut did not believe in killing.

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