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However, by correcting chromatic aberration, even without using diffractive optics to expand the visual range, the lens would have extremely sharp distance vision on the order of 20/12 or even 20/10.

The process is not yet done, however, in the Symfony.

“So the amount you degrade takes you back to the level of a good monofocal IOL,” Dr. The idea behind chromatic aberration correction is simply to get the colors of the spectrum focused at the same point.

Because it tackles this chromatic aberration, the Symfony is an example of an emerging class of IOL known as the extended-depth-of-focus lens.

Though the nomenclature has yet to solidify, surgeons say the current hallmark of the EDOF lens is that it gives cataract patients a somewhat expanded depth of field without the drawbacks associated with a multifocal visual system. Holladay, MD, MSEE, FACS, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine, says the EDOF lens may fill a niche for certain surgeons and patients.

“Our discussion with candidates for presbyopic IOLs has changed,” Dr. “We used to give those talks [from the podium] about patient selection, but we’ve evolved into educating all patients about their options.

There is no perfect lens platform out there right now, so patients have to understand the limitations of the technology and see how it would fit into their lifestyle. a specific endpoint,” he says, “because we know there are people who see 20/20 and J1 with a multifocal who are unhappy and we’ve had patients with great intermediate and distance vision, but who still wear readers, who are very happy.

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