Creepy dating site messages

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Everyone has heard of Ashley Madison, the website for married people to have an affair with other married people.

Sadly, that is only the beginning, and when it comes to online dating, things get much, much weirder than people cheating.

Even some weird sites like 420 Dating, Salad Match, Farmers Only, Ugly Schmucks, Fat Bastard Dating, Sea Captain Date, Amish Dating, Mullet Passions, Singles With Food Allergies, Ninja Enthusiasts, 'Stache Passions (for those who love mustaches oh-so much), Naturist Dating (read: nude dating), and various websites for sugar daddies do not compare to some of the things you would be surprised to learn that people actually look for.

Dating websites have, as you can see, gotten specific in their quest to join like-minded love-seekers.

However, "cub porn" is forbidden, and they reserve the right to remove anything they deem distasteful (seems like "distasteful" is awfully relative...).

was launched in 2012, and since then has had some questionable reviews by its users, as have other furry sites of its kind.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I bring you this, the ultimate list of creepy websites dedicated to bringing people together, people who must also be creepy to want to use these avenues for finding love.

This is a take on the whole sugar daddy idea, which apparently, a ton of people are just fine with. Instead of just money, men interact with the 4,000 women looking to surgically enhance what the good Lord gave them.

Medical examiners, funeral directors, coroners, gravediggers, and other sorts of death industry professionals are all welcome here.

Personally, I would not want to base a romantic relationship off my profession, especially such a grisly one, but that is just me.

It is free to join the furry community of, although you must be 18 or older to participate.

Their website advertises that, as opposed to other furry dating sites, they allow adult content such as artwork and nudity.

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