Consolidating contracting

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Explain and provide reasons for any urgency if it results in concurrency of development and production or constitutes justification for not providing for full and open competition. Discuss the expected consequences of trade-offs among the various cost, capability or performance, and schedule goals. Discuss technical, cost, and schedule risks and describe what efforts are planned or underway to reduce risk and the consequences of failure to achieve goals. When the proposed acquisition strategy involves bundling, identify the incumbent contractors and contracts affected by the bundling.If concurrency of development and production is planned, discuss its effects on cost and schedule risks. If specifically designated by the requiring agency as a program subject to acquisition streamlining, discuss plans and procedures to -- (i) Encourage industry participation by using draft solicitations, presolicitation conferences, and other means of stimulating industry involvement during design and development in recommending the most appropriate application and tailoring of contract requirements; (ii) Select and tailor only the necessary and cost-effective requirements; and (iii) State the timeframe for identifying which of those specifications and standards, originally provided for guidance only, shall become mandatory. (v) Address the extent and results of the market research and indicate their impact on the various elements of the plan (see part 10).

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(d) The planner shall coordinate the acquisition plan or strategy with the cognizant small business specialist when the strategy contemplates an acquisition meeting the thresholds in (e) The planner shall ensure that a COR is nominated as early as practicable in the acquisition process by the requirements official or in accordance with agency procedures.Early in the planning process, the planner should consult with requirements and logistics personnel who determine type, quality, quantity, and delivery requirements.(c) The planner shall coordinate with and secure the concurrence of the contracting officer in all acquisition planning.The contracting officer shall designate and authorize a COR as early as practicable after the nomination. In order to facilitate attainment of the acquisition objectives, the plan must identify those milestones at which decisions should be made (see paragraph (b)(21) of this section).The plan must address all the technical, business, management, and other significant considerations that will control the acquisition.

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