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The key here is just be yourself and don't put on any pretense and you will do just fine.

Just always be neat in your appearance and dress, and always have good personal hygiene and you will do just fine; the women here do notice all of this about you.

I simply chalked up my tour to experience and stored it away in my drawer of experience - live and learn.

It works much better and faster than thousands of letters. Yes, the promise of meeting a lot of women was met, but there were women who were not vetted as Mark claimed.

Many of the women in Kiev speak English to various degrees of fluency.

Also, living here in the land of beautiful women, I have also grown somewhat immune to the Ukrainian beauty because you see so much of it everywhere you go no matter where you are in Ukraine.

The support from the staff can not compare to any company that is doing a romance tour. I am one of the oldest men to have ever come on the tour (71) and I got lots and lots of phone numbers and found a wonderful woman. I had attended a DC tour to Nikolaev a little over 5 years ago.

I have found my second half and she is almost like me but funnier. My only caution is, if you find ANY conflict with your translator, (I did), ask for a replacement (I did). Yes, it was a bit expensive - 00, but that was the price to meet Ukrainian ladies face-to-face rather than trying the old fashion way of writing a million letters.

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