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I think when you put just a picture and nothing else, especially the city and state they live in, there is no way we can tell if we are interested without opening the person’s entire profile and seeing where they live.

You’re having us only judge them by their looks alone, and that is not how I judge a man.

You did not state that it would show and we would not have a choice when we filled it out.

I thought it was only a way for you to help find the right person for us, and not that everyone would be able to see it.

The app is easy to use, and it’s one of the most visually stunning of the i Phone dating apps. Við erum alltaf að bæta appið, en það er ekki nema mánaðargamalt og því enn bara á byrjunarstigi. Appið er einmitt slow-dating app og hannað með það í huga að spjalla og gefa hverri manneskju séns í einn dag til að sjá hvort að áhuginn kvikni.The app is intuitive, but adding a chat feature, landscape, and multi-tasking support would make it shine. i Date is an i Phone dating app that works independently of any website.The app is free, but there is a subscription cost after a trial — .99 per year, with options to buy credits for in-app gifts.

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