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Nayana Kumari (Patta Vesi) Some call it 'Blowjob', others 'Fellatio', a few 'lollipop love' and the rest 'domer'...

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But I bet my life, Damitha can't and won't be able play Patta Vesi the way Nayana did it.

Simply dive in and scroll through to see who takes your pick.

You will never even blink an eye when you see her in the Silver screen.

Actresses will emerge like Mushrooms pop out & will disappear even faster than they appeared, but there was and will always be ONE Sumana Gomas and No Actress dead or alive will be able to match the Greatness of her!

Sapna is very athletic & her body movements are gentle & fluid.

Her body & curves were well balanced to play those roles in Age daiwaya & Mata thama mathakai.

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