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Then after Davening there, they turned around and the men were gone.

When I heard that it reminded me of the stories where Eliyahu Hanavi, or someone would just appear miraculously.

Then they were walking around looking for Avremel Zalmanowitz’s Kever 2 men out of nowhere came to help them find it.

And act with dignity in implementing the very basics of human needs with the understanding that societies can only exist if what is good for the individual members, is good, or should be good for society as a whole.

Perhaps the greatest of their visionary thinking, after vicious religious persecution that forced the Pilgrims to flee their country, was establishing a State with freedom of religion, or no religion; under these parameters did America become the greatest country to ever inhabit the planet, and scientific inquiry was able to flourish without the scrutiny of the ignorant and vile Church, creating and leading up to advances in medicine, for example, unthinkable a mere fifty years ago.

13 that the organization revitalized its image “to meet the expectations of today’s philanthropist,” Bnai Zion said in a statement to the Journal.

nonprofit that funds capital projects in Israel, announced on Aug.

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