Blind guy dating rotten tomatoes

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One hopes they’ll get plenty more opportunities to parcel those notions out a little more stingily.

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“Blindspotting” doesn’t know how to move back and forth between breezy but often tired gags about Whole Foods and goat cheese and the intensity of Collin’s nightmares about cemeteries filled with hoodie-clad black men.

These topics could certainly play off each other, particularly in scenes where we see white developers discarding the photo albums and other memorabilia of the black families that used to live there, but the tone shifts are frequently far too jarring.

Also Read: ' Sorry to Bother You' Film Review: Boots Riley's Ambitious Debut Throws a Lot at the Wall By the film’s final act, it’s too busy over-explaining its own themes (the exchange in which the title is explained ranks among the cinema’s clunkier explaining-the-title scenes) before setting up a grand climax in which Collin spits out a defiant, half-crazed rap about his fear and anger at the police and other white power structures.

Diggs nails the performance — he’s a “Hamilton” alum, after all — but the context and circumstance in which his outburst take place feel artificial and not properly set up.

After his friends successfully persuade him that being single and sleeping around is better than being in a committed relationship, he realizes that he was wrong and does everything to win her back.

Tomatometer: 3%Martha Alston (Ellen De Generes) is feeling the pressure to couple up after her sister's wedding.

The creators of “Blindspotting” fall into the trap of many a first-time filmmaker by taking every notecard off the bulletin board and putting them all into one movie.

Thankfully, that's not the case with , whose ending (SPOILER ALERT) saw Jane Levy's Rocky escape Lang's Blind Man with the stolen cash in tow.

She left his home believing that he'd died as a result of their encounter, but in the closing moments of the film, Rocky learned that the Blind Man was indeed alive thanks to a conveniently timed news report she happened to see as she was skipping town.

Both Diggs and Casal are electric performers, but as writers they’ve given themselves all the best lines.

Even with such talented actors as Tisha Campbell-Martin and Janina Gavankar on hand, the only other cast member who gets a meaty monologue is the very funny Utkarsh Ambudkar.

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