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Religion based films are released every then and now in world cinema. Christian films are the most watched religion movies. Writing from the perspective of personal experience, Harris says that in place of this kind of “dumb love,” Christians ought to emphasize “smart love.” Where dumb love is primarily concerned with self, smart love begins with a love for God and matures into love and concern for others.Smart love manifests itself in courtship, which is simply dating with purpose.Christian films are also known for having soothing soundtrack. So all in all they give you good vibes and increases your faith in god. There are many Christian films but i have included only those Christian films that actually gives good message and are entertaining as well. Most Christian films revolve around the birth and life Jesus Christ. Often called the Son of God, Jesus sacrificed himself so that the world can be a better place.

By the time he was 17, he was establishing himself as a leader and teacher, speaking at youth events and conferences.

He does not describe dating as a model that is necessarily sinful, but as a lesser option than courtship.

Courtship is superior because it is meant to protect against heartache and regret.

For many Christians, this was the first time they had considered the issue.

Harris was not interesting in re-introducing ancient models of courtship and romance as much as he wished to call couples to consider dating with purpose. It was read and discussed in youth groups around the world and caused countless teens to consider an alternative to casual dating.

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