Bespoke web design dating site

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If this article inspires you to build your own Word Press website, these Wordpress tutorials will help you get started.

Designer Zhenya Rynzhuk used Word Press as a semi-headless CMS, with for the front end, to create this engaging photography portfolio site for Rafal Bojar.

It features a homepage that displays previews of selected stories, a slick grid to showcase all of Bojar's work, and an 'essence' page explaining the photographer's philosophy and approach.

"The goal was to provide visitors with the unique experience and showcase Rafal's amazing works," says Rynzhuk.

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In portfolio web pages, especially in the field of design, one of the first things that you will notice is an introductory text consisting of a few words about the company or the designer behind the site.We offer some great packages for cheap web design some are more basic designs and these are offered from as little as £69 for a one page design.For the more attractive designs with a back end system so that you can edit and update your website which are fully SEO ready these sites start from £330 which includes a years free hosting.This can be extremely useful for readers, as it provides quick and direct information about the designer, or the company behind the site.These introductions are generally highlighted by the use of large text, positioned at the top of the site, and always catch the visitor’s eye.

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