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It also, he said, helps fill a need on a key shopping strip in the neighborhood.“The immediate reaction from Bensonhurst residents is, ‘Now, I don’t have to drive along the Belt Parkway to Exit 15’ [to get to a Target].

The 20,400-square-foot store — with a bright marquis reflecting the site’s origin as the Walker Theater and embellished inside by newly restored gilded friezes dating back to the building’s earliest days — is one of the chain’s small-format locations, but merchandise was selected to reflect the needs of area residents, said Senior Group Vice President for the New York Metro Market Tony Roman, himself a Bensonhurst resident whose father — who lives just a few blocks away — was among the crowd at the preview.Bensonhurst is known as a Little Italy of Brooklyn due to its large Italian-American population.Bensonhurst derives its name from Egbert Benson (1789–1866), whose lands were sold by his children and grandchildren to James D. Lynch bought the old farmlands of the Benson family in the mid-1880s, and by 1888, began selling private lots in an area dubbed as Bensonhurst-by-the-Sea, now Bath Beach.Whether it’s a first date or just some one-on-one action with your long-time partner, here are 10 Brooklyn date ideas that will make you both swoon.There are few views more grand than the sight of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn (not to mention the baller chandeliers in the homes facing the East River).

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