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He married and moved back to New York, where connections he had made while in the Special Services Branch helped him break into show business.In addition to doing stand-up comedy at clubs, he appeared on the radio, eventually playing the wisecracking, know-it-all character "Windy Wales" on a radio western called "Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders".Knotts' brothers were named Willis, William, and Ralph.Don's mother was 40 at the time of his birth and his father suffered from mental illness; he had a nervous breakdown due to the stress of Don's birth.After his college freshman year, Knotts joined the U. Army and spent most of his service entertaining troops.His ventriloquist act included a dummy named Danny "Hooch" Matador. Discharged in the rank of Technician Grade 5, which was the equivalent then of a Corporal.

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Late in the season, Opie joins a rock ‘n’ roll group in “Opie's Group” and his grades begin to suffer in school.

When Barney had previously left the show, it marked the departure for Thelma Lou also. A legendary misstep on the part of the AGS creative team, the worst of many in the color/post-Knotts run of the show.

What a great idea to use the class reunion to bring them back together. Pointlessly painful, it provides a disservice to the beloved characters from the show's classic black and white period.

Goober and Gomer would tangled up in a hilarious change-partners dance. Then Knotts returned here, in a color episode (that alone should have been a bad omen, but we had a black and white TV then). Barney makes plans to meet up again with Thelma Lou.

Episode after episode of Barney and Thelma Lou, double-dating, triple-dating with Gomer and Thelma Lou's cousin (played by Mary Grace Canfield, who alongside Betty Lynn and Aneta Courseaut, Canfield shows she had no problem getting a man for real.

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