Argentine dating

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Men are equally demonstrative at showing affection to a man as to a woman.

Also get used screaming and yelling and a lot of terms like “QUE PELOTUDO!! Argentineans are a passionate people and their culture reflects that.

Just beware that dates might be cancelled last minute, time-keeping isn’t taken seriously and a few white lies may be thrown about as far as excuses go. It’s not that unlike the South African expression ‘now, now’ which means any time from now till tomorrow. Expect the guy to court you and take charge by coming up with dates, picking you up, paying the bill, etc.

He will hold doors for you, not because he thinks you are an inferior creature, but because it’s tradition.

Take it slow and you will soon weed out the insincere ones and keep the good ones. If someone checks you out for too long in a bar and dares to say hello, your Argentinian date might just get very angry with them. Keep talking straight and he will either get the hint or leave. Turns out the Argentinians can be worse than the Angelenos.

Apparently the first couple of months in a relationship can be times where you are tested. In general just be prepared for a few dramas, exaggerated stories and lies. Again, I’m prone to blame it on the weather as it seems the heat goes to people’s heads.

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