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An option available to you at retirement is to invest your pension fund in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF).ARFs are special investment funds which can give you increased flexibility in terms of how you use your pension fund after retirement.*Tax on any withdrawals is deducted as per the tax certificate submitted to us or in other cases at the marginal tax rate (40% as of March 2019).The ARF holder is then obliged to claim back any over deducted tax by applying to their own local Inspector of Taxes.People at typical pension levels who withdraw regularly have the option of taking just enough to keep them on the lower rate of tax.

In general, the longer you leave your investment, the better it is likely to perform.

If you decide to take a regular income from your ARF and the investment growth is lower than the level of income you have chosen, this will reduce your original investment. Everyone's situation is different, and everyone handles risk differently.

With the help of your pension contact, you are the best person to decide how much risk you are comfortable with.

Many people who choose to invest in an ARF have already secured a satisfactory income in retirement (quite often a pension).

They appreciate that, with an ARF, their money is available to them should they need it but remains invested if they don’t.

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