Are we dating or just friends quiz iphone 4 not updating email

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For before my boyfriend officially asked me to be his girlfriend, I racked my brain trying to figure out what in the world we were doing. Well, no, because we went on "dates." But in that case, were we dating, or were we just friends who hung out together and happened to boink from time to time? Well, luckily, I'm not the only one who's been in that awkward position.

A recent Reddit thread asked ladies, "What is your 'Wait, are we dating? " and, oh, man, did they have some hilariously confusing predicaments.

Something else happened with this boy I like, I told my friend how much I like talking to him and how we both like talking to eachother I told her not to tell anyone but she told people and I told him about it, he said it was fine and he could defend himself, and he couldnt defend me if any roumers spread.

You would think something like whether or not you're dating someone would be pretty easy to figure out, but alas, it's 2017, and NOTHING is obvious and easy anymore — not even realizing if the situation-ship you're in is a relationship.

That was fine with me and I continued to date other guys.

He became unbelievably jealous but whenever I would ask him if he wanted to be exclusive he was adamant he didn't feel that way about me.

A friend I had been casually booking up with off and on bought me a lap dance for my birthday.

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Right now."We spent most of the day hanging out with some friends before I got the train back to my city.when he talks to me, he stares straight into my eyes and smiles shyly.but like i'm not sure if he likes me as more than a friend, because we've just known each other so long so it's so hard to tell. :c Meep- have one of your friends that you trust to ask your crush if they like you and see what happens next.Two months after I asked her, and out of no where, she got upset with me that I didn't introduce her as my gf. you know, that stuff that I would have considered as a date with a man, but normal friends-activities with a woman. I had a friends with benefits that years later I still don't understand.Apparently we were in a relationship for several weeks at that point. He was very upfront about how he didn't want anything serious.

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