Accommodating eric need special student

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Eric is highly accommodating & a pleasure to be around, he works fast staying in the moment with his excellent energy & vibe. " - Dusty Bacon High Desert Steam Punk Association. He got to the venue shortly after I did (I got there at 11. Eric excelled in photographic lighting and exhibited passion and commitment to photography.

I highly recommend him." - Jeff Ross Owner, Jeff Ross Photography "My wife and I found out very quickly that there is a HUGE difference between amateur vs. From the quality of the photos to the quality of the service, Eric Marks Photography exceeded all of our expectations. How about a special sunset shoot just hours after the ceremony.

And I’d be happy to discuss him, and his qualifications, further." - Jackie Shelton Vice President of Public Relations, Estipona Group. He was so professional and constantly made us laugh. Great with kids and their missed nap time mood swings. " - Mollie Simi "My introduction to Eric Marks was in 2011 as my student at the University of Nevada, Reno, in my Art 235, Photographic Lighting.

"Eric Marks captured our Steampunk group's/sub-culture's eclectic & difficult to describe style in excellently composed close up & action/posed shots. He is incredibly accommodating to what sort of pictures the bride and groom want. He volunteered as lab assistant for that class, and was a great asset in that role.

His papers, along with the questions he asked in class, helped me to see issues (and the world) in different ways.

I always learned from him, as I’m sure my other students did as well.

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