Access update query not updating

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I got it resolved I basically use the wizard and I was able to do the query right.

Didn't know why it wasn't updating the query before.

Typically, you use datasheets when you need to see many records at once.

Top of Page You must first find a record before you can edit or delete it.

Day ID int Unchecked QOID int Checked Employee ID int Checked Lead Man bit Checked Day1 float Checked Day2 float Checked Day3 float Checked Day4 float Checked Day5 float Checked Day6 float Checked Day7 float Checked Day8 float Checked Day9 float Checked Day10 float Checked Day11 float Checked Day12 float Checked Day13 float Checked Day14 float Checked Date1 date Checked Date2 date Checked Date3 date Checked Date4 date Checked Date5 date Checked Date6 date Checked Date7 date Checked Date8 date Checked Date9 date Checked Date10 date Checked Date11 date Checked Date12 date Checked Date13 date Checked Date14 date Checked do Delete bit Checked Time Stamp timestamp Unchecked Unchecked Whenever you define DAO or ADO objects, you should disambiguate them by qualifying them. Copy it and paste it into a new query using the SQL View. PS, I would also put a space between the "=" and "#" for each date set if you don't already have one. Are you trying to execute this as a pass-through query? How did you try executing the SQL, from the SQL View, or via code.

; =

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