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As Open DNS is fundamentally a Domain Name Server service, it makes sense that routing through their servers would lend a hand towards optimizing your Internet traffic.

Don’t expect massive decreases in latency, but you can expect improved reliability. You have a choice between setting it up on your Internet router or onto a specific device.

Often Internet filters are geared towards blocking X-rated sites, but Family Shield does more than that.

Scam sites, malware-installing sites, and shock sites are all blocked here.

If Tinder has always seemed a little too intense for you at home and even more so when cultural and language obstacles are thrown in the mix, then perhaps the slow dating app Once is more your thing.

Every day at noon it will propose one human-made match for you from its network of Parisian singles.

If you’re a woman looking for a man, at any rate, a match is pretty much a given.Open DNS Family Shield works with Windows (98, 2000 / NT, ME, XP, Vista, 7), Mac (9, Tiger, Leopard), Linux (Ubuntu, SUSE), and some others.The instructions differ slightly depending on the operating system, but setup is easy and shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.Luckily, Open DNS has a great knowledge base for beginner and advanced users alike.Open DNS has individualized installation instructions for 21 different router brands.

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