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The Russian cosmetic industry continues to develop as Russians expand their beauty and hygiene interests.

Appearance has always been an important part of Russian culture but overall health and fitness are becoming a bigger part of Russian personal care.

When a man travels the world and he is bitten by the travel bug to a great extent, all he wants to do is go on adventures and make the most out of each country and each city. There are different ways in which a traveller can date. If you find someone interesting while you are travelling in a particular city or country for more than 2 weeks, then you can date them while you are there. But both parties in the relationship should know that their dating span lasts only for as long as the other person is in that particular city.

This rarely leaves any room for long lasting friendships or even a relationship with a person, consistently. Now this idea has been keeping people on their toes and less lonely when they travel. If this is very much understandable between two parties, then the short relationship will be something that both of them will cherish forever.

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Electronics dominate the cosmetics category for Russian online shoppers.

When it comes to make-up, eye-make up photos are a very common search.

Many women watch videos on Youtube and share information on social media for hair and make-up. Market, one of Russia’s leading online shopping aggregator, organizes their cosmetics page by category and also by popular products and searches.

The top search queries on Yandex tell us a bit about the way Russians use the Internet to help with their beauty needs.

The majority of beauty related searches come from desktop users while approximately 25% come from mobile devices. Worstat, the top regions for cosmetic searches on Yandex are from Moscow, St.

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