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Before you shell out at least for a movie ticket, you probably want to know if a film is worth the money.And chances are, the place you consult for that insight is Rotten Tomatoes.In a separate review for in this vein.“He’s a deadly martial artist, a stalwart friend, well-educated, even-tempered, quick to smile, and, despite all that, he’s humble. Perfection in fiction, unlike in life, can be boring.This week's viewing landscape is looking bright and varied (even if the forecast is lagging behind), with new episodes of comedy, drama, historical, feminist and reality shows as well as a new true crime documentary.

From awful sequels like Jaws: The Revenge, to a Jim Carrey dark thriller, to a whole lot of John Travolta, here’s a look at the worst movies on Rotten Tomatoes. The third movie in the Bad News Bears trilogy followed the underdog little league team of the title to Japan, where they faced new rivals.Watch alone or with mom this Mother's Day weekend, but probably wise to leave Monday's for viewing without her. Here are some suggestions: Aziz Ansari delivered smart, creative and funny takes on friendship, dating, parents, immigration, discrimination and more in the first season of his Netflix show, which boasts a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes (the critics' consensus was that it was "exceptionally executed with charm, humor, and heart, Master of None is a refreshingly offbeat take on a familiar premise").Season two, some early reviews promise, is "as funny and as well-written as ever," but more "ambitious" and "cinematic," and is "even better than its first." The season two trailer hints at the return of Ansari's real-life parents. It’s about an elderly couple who transport themselves into the bodies of two high-schoolers, Bobby Keller (Feldman) and the object of his affection, Lainie (Meredith Salenger).review, critic Johanna Steinmetz gave the movie half a star and said, “This movie is so studiously inoffensive that even Walt Disney probably would have been comfortable with it.

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